Friday, October 3, 2008

The Palin windup doll II

Well, after writing my view of Ms. Palin, McCain's Vice Presidential nominee, I watched the debate, and while all the pundits are calling it a draw and the republicans calling it a success, it was just another example of her being a windup doll.

Yes, she spouted a lot of facts and pronounced the name, with some extra emphasis on some, all the leaders of the world correctly, but getting some names wrong, she didn't say anything. She simply spouting soundbites of emotion and feelings with a lot of facts, many of which were fabrications or exagerations of the truth. She looked pretty and she spoke pretty, but she still didn't say anything of substance.

And while some call it a draw, when is a threshold for her an order of magnitude lower than for Senator Biden a draw? She only had to not appear stupid. And the republicans team who prepped her filled her tape recorder with plenty of factoids to keep reciting. She made it clear she wasn't going to answer the questions asked but rephrase the question to use the facts she had memorized.

The debate to me was like a high school debate team member debating a 12 year. What good is that and then say it's even because they're both still standing. Simply because Biden didn't become condescending, which she deserves to get for her lack of real knowlege on the issues, isn't ground to give her points. Senator Loyld Benson debated Dan Quayle in a similar situatioin and the results were entirely different.

And Dan Quayle had more experience and intelligence than Ms. Palin. Is the media practicing sexism because she's a woman? And giving her more points because she's a woman? And more latitude for being far less intelligence and knowledgeable on the issues than a man? It sure appeared that way to me.

She's still a windup doll, just with a lot of memory installed in her brain. I want to hear her in a long debate format where you talk at length on issues from experience and intelligence. Raise the bar for her to be equal and the same as you would any man in the same place. Make her prove she is as good as she claims.

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