Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin the ditz

Sarah Palin is proving that beauty and brains aren't compatible, especially when she decides to talk without thinking, something she's getting a lot of practice lately. Now she's decided to say there are people who are "more American" and places which are "pro-America" where the rest of us aren't.

Last I heard I was born an American and I'm still one. I even served my country during the Vietnam-era. But I'm an independent as a voter and a person. I accept people with differing views, and while I may disagree, I will always smile to know we are all Americans with the right and freedom of speech. And as much as we dislike it, even hate speech is guarranteed so long as it doesn't incite violence, terrorism or the overthrow of the government or doesn't threaten government leaders.

And now Sarah Palin has proven there are people, like this is really new?, who really think they're better and like to pretend their better Americans than us. After all she has a son in Iraq, a disabled (downs) daugther and an unwed pregnant daughter. All this shows is she has a family, just like the rest of the families, except she and her husband are rich in income and assests, something the rest of us don't have.

But then she apologized, saying it was what I said but not what I meant. Yeah right, we're expected to believe it and buy it? Not! You believe it and said it. That's not hard to understand.

In addition two republican Representatives have also made similar comments about the divide between them and us, inciting hate with pro- and anti-American people. It seems the Republicans are scrapping the bottom of the barrel and using fear to incite their voters, by implying they're better and we're not real Americans.

That's pure and simple hate. And all it's managed to do is get people angry at the very people who said it. It's pure and simple. Hate speech is unAmerican and anti-American. What don't the understand? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, they're simple ditzes, all beauty and little brains. Like Sarah Palin, the star ditz of the Republican party.

I'll still smile knowing you're an American like me, but I'll also laugh because you're the best example of being a ditz I've seen in many years. Even better than the celebrities in the tabloids, because you're supposed to be intelligent, but you're not, you're just political. And still a ditz.

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