Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Thoughts

Well, the $700 Billion bill is signed and law. What's the saying, "And may God have mercy on our soul." We will need it because the truth and reality is that no one knows if it will work and no one knows if Wall Street and the financial services companies won't go back to business and usual, slightly smarter but not necessarily wiser.

The whole deal is that it's all built on debt. Our entire economy is built on debt and cash flow. There isn't much collateral behind and underlying all that debt, much of which is only there on hope and promises, most of the latter sales tactics to convince buyers it's a good deal. And now the government will be the owner of a lot bad and toxic debt, much of which isn't much beyond the government now promising profit.

And they didn't offer much hope or promise to homeowners, only if the mortage companies want to be generous. So what happened to the Democrats and Republicans espousing support for the middle class?

And the bill is full of earmarks? You know those things politicians rail against in campaigns and President Bush has vowed to line out. Well, he didn't line them out and the earmarks are there for one and only one reason, buying votes. Those who voted no the first time sold out for an earmark.

We got to see real politics at work. All 450 pages of what? Did the representatives who voted for it really read it? Or did they take the word of the lobbyists, Secretary Paulen's staff and the small select commitee of Representatives and Senators who wrote it? I still think we, the people, and our country, were screwed and fucked and we're paying the bill too, but then we'll see what happens.

And I'll still stand by my decision, if you voted for it, you don't have my vote come election day. However good you are and how much I like you for your record, this was too much to swallow. It doesn't mean I'm right, probably far from it, it's just my take on it. And my right to be just as stupid as our elected representatives who voted for it.

And other ideas?

Try the Web pages on the damage done by the new strain of TB. was lucky when being diagnosed with TB the followup proved negative, but almost had to go through the drug routine as a precaution. Makes you wonder where politicians heads are at when everything is there to treat and prevent it but it survives on the nickels and dimes left after the war spending and tax cuts for what? Money?

What happened to the value of a human life?

Is Sarah Palin really middle class? Well, it's reported she and her husband are worth up to $2.1 Million and have an annual salary of $166,000. Not too shabby for a hockey Mom? Oh, I forgot, she's the governor and Todd has his income. Gee, it's hard to live in Alaska on a middle class income, so they do what they can to get by. Just like the rest of us?

Was the VP debate sexism? Consider the gave Ms. Palin a headstart by just showing up, and then a passing grade for not sounding or looking stupid. That's a very low bar, anyone can jump. But if she were a man with the same experience, would they have given him the same? Think Dan Quayle in 1988.

And then they set the bar far higher for Joe Biden, to be professional, courteous, and not doing what he normally does, go on and on and on... And not be condescending about Palin's inexperience.

Yes it was sexism because she looked good doing it. They called it a draw or a wash, but it wasn't. She got a passing grade for being a woman and he got a passing grade for being better. If you don't believe it, don't look at it, listen to it, or better read it. You'll see she is still a ditsy woman who sounds nice and looks cute.

All I ask is to look at her record as mayor and governor and look at her views on the issues, the few she has some knowledge or exprience to express. The rest are platitudes and soundbites.

At last OJ Simpson is going to prison. Finally.

Ok, enough for a Saturday morning. Fall is coming to paradise. The weather is changing and landscape turning to winter. And when I begin to wake up to the times and places.

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