Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dear Ms Palin

Dear Ms Palin,

You really are proving you are what you said at the Republican Convention, a Pit Bull with lipstick. Your recent claim of ties between Obama and Ayers is patently untrue and you know it. You fabricated something that isn't there and never existed in the first place. And if you keep it up, you will only give right of people to both ignore and dismiss you and to argue back with lies about you, but then many of those lies are actually true.

How many times must you claim lies as fact or truth? Do you actually believe trying to discredit Obama is going to make you look better? You're a fraud and a cheat. Oh, lies? Well, check you past at the door or else face the reality of your record and history as mayor and then governor. Are you willing to do that? Or do you still want to be a caricature of the Pit Bull with lipstick?

Yes I listened to your interview with Katie Curic and I listened to the Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden. And sorry, the Curic interview showed who you really are, clueless, and the debate showed what you can do, sing and dance but still be clueless. Did you not think we wouldn't get the point you're not that smart or experienced. And to say you would ignore the questions and Mr. Biden to answer your own questions with your own talking points and soundbites?

Do you really think we're that stupid? I listened to the debate on the radio to avoid watching you and so I could focus on what you said. And I'm still wondering what you said that hasn't been said and was new. You didn't say anything new and only regurgitated a bunch of political rhetoric. We don't need a VP who appears cute and cutesy, but one who actually knows and knows what the responsibilities of being a VP.

What don't you understand the bar was set so low for you, there was no way you could fail. Just showing up was enough and talking without appearing stupid, notice appearing not meaningful answers, let you pass. But don't think that put you on the same plain as Mr. Biden. You should consider yourself lucky he didn't verbally draw and quarter you, but then he didn't have to because you're not the issue, McCain is.

And now after the debate you're spouting even worse garbage. You're not a maverick. You haven't been around long enough to be one and you haven't done what a real maverick would do. You only did what other politicians before you have done, change things to your liking. You bludgeoned your opponents and gave favors to friends. That's not new nor being a maverick, but just more of the same and just a different flavor of the politics.

So, in the interest of integrity and honesty, and I can do being older and more experienced in life than you, please, to borrow that old adage, "Shut the fuck up!" Or if you find that offensive, try what everyone's grandmother always tell you, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Try that for awhile and consider becoming the good person your faith tells you to be. Or does you faith allow you to lie about that along with your mouth?

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