Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marriage choice

As with abortion, the question is the obvious, what don't people understand that marriage is right and privilege with all its protections for all. Everyone. Not just those who think their idea of marriage and family, despite all the statistics of domestic abuse and violence, child abuse, violence, rape and incest, divorce, and so on, is the only definition of marriage.

This country was founded on the idea of equality, and while we haven't always been there or done that, we've always strived for it and often achieved it, with the abolition of slavery, voting rights for all men and later all women, civil rights, and so on here too. We've always tried to be a better society, country and nation. And marriage is no different.

It's not about the exaggerations some try to convey the issue in the media, it won't lead to other forms of marriage. The answer and solution is very simple. All other criteria being the same, two people have the right to enter into a marriage with all the rights, privleges and protections as defined in the laws.

That's not hard. See, very easy. It doesn't change your marriage or your view of marriage, and if it does, then maybe the problem isn't gays and lesbians, but you. Because try as you might, the view the Bible bans some marriages is just your interpretation of a Bible that's been translated, transcribed and interpretated so many times no one really knows anymore. The Bible as you think yours is, just isn't necessarily what was said when it was written.

But that's another issue, read Karen Armstrong's books. It's about equal right to marriage. Nothing more, nothing less. Just equality. So, banning that is discrimination is the least, prejudice in the obvious, and bigotry in the worse. And that's something the Bible doesn't tolerate, and we all know Jesus wouldn't condone, but condemn.

Because it's about acceptance of all citizens, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, and on and on, into the diversity of people, cultures and societies making up America. It's about America and American values. Easy and simple. Equality for all.

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