Saturday, December 4, 2010

What I Expect

Ok, for the 112th Congress, and the President, here's what I expect of ya'll from now to 2012, or face my anger in the voting booth then, like I can change anything. But I can and do vote. So what do I expect?

First, no tax bonuses for the rich, whether it's salaries over $250K or if necessary $1M, but I prefer the former. I don't want to pay for tax bonuses for the rich any more. After ten years and more years ahead, they've done nothing for the middle class and more so the poor. They've taken our money and run to the bank to get richer.

Second, I expect the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) to be passed and soldiers be soldiers, not hiding in the closet or discharged for suspicions from third parites. Almost all the discharges aren't from asking or telling but from other people outing someone them and the military accept that as evidence. The military broke the rules, not the soldiers.

Third, get us out of Afghanistan, the soon and quicker the better. It's an endless war draining taxpayers' wallets for nothing to make us more secure or safe. Find an exit and take it.

Fourth, fix the Healthcare Reform Act, adding the public option for everyone. You have two great models, Medicare and FEHB, to define a new program to compete openly with private health insurance companies.

Fifth, go after the Defense Department budget with an axe. I served my country during the Vietnam era but it's clear we're overcommited around the world and with our weapons systems. We have to stop chasing technology as the be end solution to fighting wars. We have to stop the endless costs and buying new systems which is draining our budget and deficit for little real security and safety.

Sixth, to the Senate, change the fucking rules to actually get some real work done for us. There are hundreds of bills passed by the House awaiting Senate work. Trash the cloture rule. Reduce the rule to overcome a filibuster. Stop being the roadblock to helping Americans from Republican bullshit and politics.

Seventh, to the President. Remember your promises. What don't you understand what we voted for? Abandon us at your peril.

That's it for now. I'll add as I read and get anger at you, the House under Republican rule and the Senate for being slow.

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