Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Obama

I would call you Mr. President as you were elected, and I even voted for you, but then begrungingly since you were the lesser of evils despite some hope I had you might be a good president. We had hope, but as you have shown and done, you vanished that hope and you unmercilously beat your base into oblivion and to the far reaches of the political galaxy, leaving all the good Democrats in Congress holding an empty bag of promises.

So, my point here is that agreeing to extending the Bush-era tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, you bet the ranch, our ranch - you know the taxpayers' future, on your political re-election hopes in 2012. We're pissed to say the least and pissed not to support you in 2012 the most. Right now you were just at the former but this time you moved to the latter. It's clear now your promises then and even your words now are empty.

We noted then President Bush was the emperor with no clothes. That took him more than 4 years for it to become obvious. You, however, managed to achieve the same goal, and empty, naked President, in less than two. Congratulations for being so inept at being the president we expected, wanted and voted for. You lied and now we know. Kinda' drafty isn't it?

You bet our future but you didn't accomplish much beyond the much needed help for the unemployed. That you could have done independently of the tax cuts. You had a 58 vote majority in the Senate and it's now 53 for the 112th Congress. You had a majority in the House which you lost for the Democrats. The voters were pissed at you and took it out on them, and they and our party suffered defeat.

Because of you. And now you're struggling to stay alive and viable for 2012. At our expense and our future. Don't worry Mr. President, we'll remember all of this in 2012 too. And we will remind you. We don't have to vote for the Republicans, we just don't have to vote for you. We can say no just as well as the Republicans have and do. And we can stand there with our hand folded across our chest waiting for you to confront the reality, your reality.

If we were outside on the street, and I know you've heard this enough, you fucked us royal. You give us pennies while giving the rich and corporations dollars, millions of dollars. You promised to end two wars and we're still there, albeit badly in one and worse in the other. But you plan to "stay the course" as Bush said and did and Johnson said and did in Vietnam. You haven't learned anything and you're learning the history lesson about again.

At our expense too. These wars and our military and Defense Department is too expensive. But you don't want to be the president who faces the truth and reality, or more so the political backlash, if you try. But you should and you can, but then you don't have the balls for it because when it comes to political fights, you're a coward to even stand up for what you believe is right for Americans and America's future.

And now you'll be trying to put the best face on a bad deal. That's if you can convince the real Democrats in the Senate and then the whole lot of them in the House to go along with your deal, the one you stabbed them in the back with before they even tried to win one for the people. You sold them out too, just like you sold us out. And right now, I don't think they think much of you as President and a president.

I certainly don't. I know it's politics. We saw that with Clinton. You fucked the federal workers who are underpaid, overworked and not appreciated or liked by politicians, especially Republicans, until of course as Bush did, use them to redo the government against the people. But then you showed you don't like them either. And you expect them to help you now and expect them to vote for you in 2012?

I have to say Mr. President, you've managed to find a way to piss off everyone in your base who supported you, in one way or the other and many on everything. And in less than two years too. You're intelligent and bright, but you're not very smart. And your staff is worse because we don't know how they managed to get you to look so bad. You've shouldn't have hired ex-Clinton-era advisors.

What were you thinking? You prided yourself on self-confidence and then you opted to old political cronies to lead you into this? What didn't you understand? They weren't the solution, they weren't who and what you needed. We saw that to some degree and now we see it completely. And you haven't and don't?

Anyway, I'll close by saying I don't like being fucked by a president. Bush was enough, more than enough. And we expected and wanted change, but instead we got you and the continuation of the Bush era with some good measures but mostly half measures. You could have done better and should have done better with the majority in Congress and the majority and support of the people.

But you didn't and know you'll see the cost and face the price between now and 2012. Not from Congress, but from us, the people you fucked. We vote, something you forget but I'm certain will remind us in 2012. Except not for you next time. We learned and got burned. We won't make the mistake again. At least not until you can prove you're worth our vote.

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