Thursday, December 2, 2010

God Help Us

Ok, religious of me to say that, and it's not meant to mean what you think. It's not about God help our country or God help the people, who really need the help, or more so it's not God help the Republicans in the upcoming 112th Session of Congress. It's God help us from the Republicans in the new Congress.

Yes, them and pray they don't misuse or worse abuse God and religion for their own political agenda, which is for the rich and corporations, for the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of God and science, and for the values we all hold common religion and politics aside. It's for us, God give of patience for their childishness of thought and words in the name of their agenda.

It's for those in the middle and lower income who face extraordinary and totally misplaced criticism for not being rich. It's for our government, not theirs, to do what is right and best for the country and people in the name of the people. It's for our freedoms, like freedom of all religions and the people of non-Christian religons who have come under attack from them.

It's for God trying to make some sense of them and let them know in no uncertain terms to follow what God teaches about others. But then God has problems too with closed minds and hearts. Even God will need help there and we can continue to raise our voices against the hate speech disguised as political rhetoric. We can fight against their intentions meant to do us harm. And we can work for a different Congress in 2012 to show them our anger against their transgressions.

In short, God help us to persevere through the next two years of the Republicans and see the good beyond their hate. And then kick their fucking asses out of Congress.

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