Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Mr. Reid

Dear Senator Reid,

As the leader of the Senate and having watched hundreds of bills passed the the house stall and languish in the Senate due to Republican intransigence and obstructionism because you don't want to rankle feathers and want to negotiate and compromise, often dropping long-standing Democratic values and issues, I have only a few words of advice over the latest news the 42 senators will stop all legislation until they get what they want on the Bush tax cuts, and it is very simple.

Get some damn balls!

It's time you, as many in and around the Democratic party have been saying for the last two years now, hold the Republicans accountable and make it very public. Make them vote to deny tax cuts to every American. Make them vote against extending unemployment benefits. Make them vote against the START treaty. Make them vote against DADT. Make them vote against the Dream Act. Make them vote on every single bill not waiting a vote in the Senate from the House and every presidential appointment waiting Senate approval.

Cram the agenda with a long list of work, and then change the fucking rules to eliminate cloture voting for bills which should go to the floor for an up and down vote. Show you and the Democrats really represent the American people and want to get things done. Don't whimper in front of the media about cooperation, negotiation and compromise. The Republicans don't and won't compromise. They've proven that over and over again and again.

If they want to filibuster, fine, let them, but demand they stand there in the Senate and talk until they give up. Don't allow any Senator to hold a bill because they don't like it. Make it public and make that Senator declare their reasons public and in front of the media. If they don't, then you go before the media to tell everyone who and why. Make them visible, very visible.

You've cowtowed to them at every turn hurting working Americans, middle and low income Americans, Americans needing affordable healthcare, Americans needing jobs, mortage relief, and fair taxes. We're tired of you and the Democrats pandering and whining. We told you that in our votes (I didn't since I voted Democratic). So what don't you understand to get angry, get passionate and get LOUD!

In short, get a backbone and some balls. Or else face losing the Senate in 2012. It's that simple. We want noise and results. And if the Republicans won't, then force them to be and go public. Get up, stand up and be the Senate leader we, the American people, need and want. It's time you learned and did that for us and not yourself and your image.

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