Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're not the enemy

Mr. President, we, the Democrats - your base remember, aren't the political enemy. The Republicans are your political enemy. You negotiate with us, the progressive liberal base, and you argue with the Republicans. You don't do the reverse. You hate us for having ideals but not the Republicans for having their ideals. You didn't fight for and with us, but fought against us.

You sold us down the river for political compromise with the Republicans. Then you expressed your anger at us as you did before for nothing. The public option would have been good for everyone making health insurance competitive with the government's plan. Tax bonuses for the wealthy is wrong for America. More tax deductions and breaks for the wealthly and corporations aren't good for America and Americans.

And all these you said we're wrong because we won't compromise on our principles. Yet you will compromise your principles for the Republicans who hold their principles. We're not the enemy here and you keep treating us as is if were and are. And you expect us to support you in 2012? You're kidding, right?

The Republicans know that you will cave at the slightest sign of their obstinence over bills. They know that because you have caved every time while jettisoning the promises you gave us in 2008. And now you jettisoned us because we disagree with you and want to hold you accountable. What?

You have moved so far right, you're no longer a real Democrat. You're not even a centrists. You're a center-right President slowly becoming Republican with moments of Democrat-leaning ideas. You give us words while giving the Republicans results. And you expect us to be happy with you?

And it's easy to see, at least we see it, tax breaks and tax cuts won't solve the budget deficit and national debt. And it's easy to see you'll be hammered by the Republicans, Tea Party, the conservative PAC's, etal over both, increasing the same way they did in 2010 against the Democrats in the House and Senate. It's obvious to eveyone except you and your staff.

So why do you continue to say the Republicans will negotiate in good faith in the next Congress? Are you really that naive? I don't think so, but why do you keep proving you are? And why do you keep yelling at us and being nice to Republicans? Do you really think we won't equally be angry at you as you are with us?

We're not your enemy, and if you don't stop treating us as if we are, then we will make it clear to you what we can do in 2012. I hope you're ready for opposition. Or do you think we'll "read the details", as you say, and forgive you? If so, then you really are naive. And you'll be pushed from both sides, the Republicans you seem to love but hate you and us you seem to hate and will return the favor.

And all your words won't undo your past and your words spoken, especially at and about us. We have memories and will remind you. Loudly.

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