Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Don't You Understand

Dear Mr. President and the Democrats in the Sentate,

What don't you understand the American people, you know the vast majority who are middle, working-class or retired Americans and the almost all the lower income Americans, do not want tax bonuses for the rich. Period. It's that simple. And while all of you think inside the Beltway, it's time you thought of all of us outside the Beltway for a change and stand up for fairness.

Try as you want to bundle temporaray tax bonsues to the rich with the much needed unemployment benefits and other tax relief for the middle and working class along with real small business, it's time to not use us as political fodder for your own aganda in our name. Make the Republicans fess up to their lies, as they did yesterday (Saturday 12/4/10) to vote against the tax cut for every American, even the rich, up to $250K.

We've had 10 years of Bush tax cuts with only a recession and falling, or more so failing, middle class while the rich are getting richer faster than us and more so common sense, fairness and any measure of reasonbableness. Don't give them 2-3 more years of tax bonsuses because you know the Republicans will demand it again in 2012 during the election campaign.

Don't give them that opportunity. They don't deserve it. They didn't earn it. And certainly don't need more of it. Don't add to the deficit and debt with our children and grandchildren'sfinancial future. It's time all of you, and especially you Mr. President, to do what the Republicans have done now for two years, just say, "No! Hell, no!"

Because if you do and call it a victory, you can bet we'll remember in 2012, you know when you are up for re-election as President and many Senators are up for a new six-year term. We'll remember and we'll remind you of your arrogance toward us, your promise to be fiscally responsible, and your promise to bring down the deficit and debt

Yeah, we'll be there, but more importantly we'll be in the voting booth. You know we don't have to vote for the Republican opponent, we only need not to cast a vote for you. We can also say no too. And we know all your 2008 promises Mr. President didn't happen. In truth, you abandoned them just after breakfast the day after you were inaugurated. We remember that and we will remind you again.

You lied then and you're lying now. That's politics but we're tired of politics. The Republicans in this year's campaign have made it so toxic we don't even want to hear it anymore, and we don't want to hear it from you. We're not Beltway residents and we don't want it outside the Beltway. So stand up and do the right thing for all Americans now and in the future.

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