Friday, December 17, 2010

The Tax Cuts

After reading the details of the recent tax cut bill negotiated by the President with the Republiicans, not including any House or Senate Democrat, passed by the Senate yesterday and awaiting a vote today in the House, I've come to the conclusion on the balance sheet of the bill.

For the weatlthy and corporatioins, millions. For the common citizen, you know you and me, a few dollars. For the future generations who will get the bill, priceless, not because its value can be calcuated, but the opposite, it's can't and will be billions upon billions compounded on itself with this year's budget deficit into the long term national debt, now approaching $15 Tillion and risng fast.

And no thanks to you Mr. President. When Democrats have historically shown to be the more fiscally conservate and financially smarter of the parties, you have become a Republican, spend more, give big tax cuts and put it on the government's credit card.

In short the President, while writing us checks for a few dollars, fucked us royally for decades to come when our children and grandchildren get the bill.

That's not what and who I voted for in 2008. He's not the President of the 2008 campaign. He's forgotten every promise for his own self-preservation and now for his own re-election in 2012. But little does he see outside Washington DC that the people are pissed.

Yes, he saw it with the Tea Party and he saw it recently, for the second time, whining at and about the progressives in the Democratic party. He did it after the passiage of the Healthcare Reform Act when he jettisoned the public option at the first hesitation by the Republicans. Despite all his words and promises, he never really believed in the public option.

Now he's done with the tax cuts, negotiating in secret with Republicans like they're the one you want to support. You gave them everything they wanted in exchange for the critical needs of families who are unemployed, are barely surviving financially, and need more help than the wealthy or corporations.

The President said the were concessions now for concessions the Republicans will give him later. Are you really that stupid? Do you really think they'll concede anything in the future, or will stand there as the party of no and demand more for the wealthy and corporations agian, like they did now and you gave them?

Now we've all come to see who and what you really are, a Republican. You're war hawk. You're fanatical over protecting the Defense Department against real and necessary budget and weapons systems cuts. And you'll end up giving the wealthy and corporations more tax cuts than ole' GW Bush himself, and do it quicker.

With the President's negotiation directly with the Republican leadership, not including Democrats let alone us, the public, you have lost my support and vote for 2012. I will not do either for you, period. I won't vote for a Republican, but I don't have to vote for you. I can and will give you my vote of no confidence.

Mr. President, you have the power of your office. I only have the power of the voting booth, and I can and will exercise that in 2012. So, after getting fucked by you, and would love to say, as the adage goes, go fuck yourself, I won't but I will walk away from you and everything you say anymore. You're a fraud worse than Bush himself.

He was transparent in his words and actions. That I'll give him. But you lied in 2008 and have decieved us since. We're wiser now to see who and what you really are. You shouldn't fear the Republicans now to 2012, but fear your own party and your own base. You may still have many who will forgive you for the few dollars in tax cuts, but enough will not stand for or with you then.

That is my promise to you, and I'm not running for my job so I don't have to lie.

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