Friday, January 30, 2009

Honesty and Integrity

Ok, anymore anyway. Yeah, over-reaction, but some days I wonder what's going on with our society. "And the reasons for the pessimism?"

Last week I ordered an upgrade to Adobe Create Suite (CS) 3 to CS4 with other Adobe software for my photography projects. I ordered it 2-3 day FedEx delivery (Wednesday-Thursday of this week). I scheduled work most of the week in my (home) office to be here so it doesn't get left on the doorstep and possibly nabbed by a neighbor as has happened. And by today no box.

So I call FedEx and lo and behold they haven't received a package to ship to me. So I call Adobe and they had the order but no shipment number. They said they'd check shipping and for me to call back Saturday for a FedEx number. Hopefully, I'll get it next week, but it made me wonder how long Adobe would have taken to see the order never left the warehouse.

Update.-- Adobe did find the FedEx number and checking FedEx's Website, I discovered it was shipped and delivered, left at my front door on a day, which I've routinely said do not deliver on, I'm away most of the day on appointments and errands. It wasn't at my door when I got home along with a note on the door to return later or another day, and I have good reasons to believe my neighhor or his friends have stolen packages.

I took printouts of the order and shipping to the manager's office to explain, again, there is a problem. Except they had the package after all. The FedEx guy didn't leave a note it was delivered to the manager's office and the manager never called my phone to say they have it. Well, I installed the software and am now working with it, but it still makes me wonder how long the package would have sat on a shelf. End update

Anyway, this week I've been making photo cards (all made in-house) for friends, family and donations (about 160 for them and another 120+ for stock) and ran out of printer ink cartridges for the photo printer (Epson R2400). Normally I get them on trips to Seattle, but after printing this run, I didn't have enough to finish.

So I called around to office supply stores and the local Office Depot said they had them. Or so the kid said after asking several times the cartridge and printer number and putting me on hold to check. So I get there and discover they don't have any and the manager said they don't even stock them. I told the manager it took me all of about 30 seconds to check the shelves to see that so why did the kid take minutes over the phone and then lie to me.

The manager said he would raise it at the next staff meeting. While I was at the Office Depot one kid (yeah, I call them that which they probably hate, but hey, that's life and I'm older) was putting stuff to restock in a cart. He tossed it on top of the overfull cart and several boxes fell off onto the floor. He didn't even bother to pick it up until I started to pick them up[, and he came back.

It just got me to thinking, what's happened to honesty and personal integrity? I know young folks are the mainstay of most of these stores, but what's happening with emplohyees anymore? Or are they like the products, just throwaways, and more are available on demand when asked. But kids can't understand it's not about the company or anything else, but simply themselves doing their best?

Anyway, it's just a rant on a day of bad things. And it's back to Seattle for more printer cartridges and paper. And then wait to call Adobe. It's just odd their software doesn't have a check between orders and shipping and report mismatches a few days old. And so I'll wait and schedule new work again in the office next week too.

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