Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're not admitting guilt

"We're not admiting guilt.", the Transportation Security Administration and JetBlue airlines said when they banned an Iraqi-born American from embarking on a flight while wearing a t-shirt with an Arabic sign, which translated said, "We will not be silent", but they wrote the man a $240,000 check for the inconvenience of requiring him to wear another t-shirt over his and sit at the back of the plane instead of his original assigned seat at the front.

Guilty? You bet they are, but we live in a time where you can deny the truth and reality, and your own liability and guilt, along with your own stupidity by simply writing a check. We're in the age of deniability. It's always been there and money has always been used to coverup or deny the truth, but it's so prevalent anymore, especially in business now, it's almost the norm. Companies don't admit anything for fear of the publicity and possible lawsuits.

We're down to treating everyday people like corporate fodder, just use and/or abuse, and if anything goes wrong, write them a check, but never admit anything. In fact spin anything to blame the other side or person. Look at President Bush. Best example there is of someone lying in the face of reality. What could have been worse than "Mission Accomplished" followed by now nearly six years of war?

Oh well, such are the times we live. When confronted with your errors and wrongs, if all else fails, simply deny or even lie. No one will care or complain, but have your checkbook handy to cover your ass.

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