Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Mr Burris

Dear Mr. Burris,

Ok, you're the newly appointed Senator from Illinois, but as the news has reported, the Illinois Secretary of State has not yet certified your appointment and the US Senate has not received the certification of your appointment. While I can't argue that the Governor was authorized to appoint you to replace President-elect Obama as the junior Senator from Illinois, it can be argue the process to finalize the appointment has not been finished. So please go home and wait to be called.

Can you do that? The truth is no one likes someone to run out into the public and press and claim a right to something, especially being a US Senator without it being official. To most Americans, you looked less than professional and worthy of the position to represent the people of Illinois. Whatever you creditials are, I don't know nor really care at this point, you look like the smiling fool, trying to get the media to pressure folks into surrounding to your appointment.

In short, Mr. Burris, standing outside the US Capitol in the rain holding a press conference cricitizing everyone only makes you look the fool, crying about being picked on. You have given the public the impression you are simply whining. Rather than talking about the issues and what can be done to resolve the issue, you have stood there and whined. The public doesn't like whiners.

Go home Mr. Burris. They'll call you when the decision has been if you are truly the duly appointed Senator from Illinois.

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