Monday, December 29, 2008

A Terrorist State

The definition of a terrorist state, even by the conservative republican politicians, is a nation, state or international group that uses military force and violence to suppress or oppress a specific group of people for their ethnicity, religion, national orgins, etc. No one doubts this defines Al Qaeda, but in light of the recent war between the Palestinians in Gaza and Israel, it does define something no one wants to admit.

Israel is a terrorist state. The sheer quality and quantity of military force Israel has used against the people of Gaza clearly shows how little inhibitions the government and military of Israel have for the Palestinians. They have killed several hundred people, many innocent women and children, in revenge for the killing of two Israelis. They showed it when they attacked southern Lebanon after Hezbollah kidnapped two border guards. They used US made and supplied cluster bombs where many civilians were killed or injured, including children finding bomblets on the ground.

Israel has also implemented excessive economic terrorism with blockades of the waters off Gaza, closing or greatly restricting access through checkpoints to/from Gaza and Isreal, blocking the flow of bank funds and money for the people, restricting agriculture imports for equipment, supplies and other needs, restricting the flow of food, preventing improvement and maintenence on the infrastructure, restricting electricity, and on and on. And then complained how poor Hamas treats its own people,

While I have generally sided with Israel in the past because they did have a legimate claim to be hated by Muslim and being attacked by surrounding Islamic nations and terrorists groups, I can't side with them anymore as they're often the one using overwhelming and unnecessary force where diplomacy would work. They don't seem to understand it takes two sides to have a war, and both are wrong.

I have no doubt there are groups which want the eliminate the state of Israel, and reclaim historic lands. Let's not forget Israel was created from Palestine, and millions of them were displaced for the Jews. And you can go back through history to see all three religions have occupied the land of Israel, so no one can claim sole possession of the land. It's the reality of there.

But my point is that while many can call the enemy of Israel terrorists - let's not forget Israel created Hamas to oppose Fatah, we should also call Israel a terrorist state. They sponsor and support the suppression and oppression of people through their government and military. They're just bigger and better armed, and have convinced the world they're the victims, when they're not, just one of the two fighters in the battle.

And it's time the US stood up and said so, and warned Israel about it's strategy and tactics against the Palestinians won't lead to a lasting peace in the Middle East, but only anger the Palestinians and their supporters. You can't bomb people into peace, you have to find a way to live as neighbors. Yeah, easier said than done, but it's time the US looked at the region with a view for both sides.

And yes, if it takes, to take Israel to task for their overwhelming and excessive force, including withdrawing economic and miltary aid. We can't maintain our obvious one-sided support in the region for the longer term if we want peace there. That's also not sustainable. We and Israel need reality checks. And it's time a President did and said so, but I'm not holding my breath for it.

The real question is not about Israel and its safety and security, but when and where will we provide a homeland for the Palestinians like we did for the Jews? We can't simply bomb them into obvlivion as Israel wants to keep trying. They deserve our respect for a place to be. We took their homeland once and we should provide one again.

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