Saturday, December 13, 2008

Post NO Ads

In response to people who post replies on my blog, I appreciate open and honest opinons which can be discussed or debated, often with humor and jest, which is my style of discussing the universe as I see it from here. I do not, however, support people who post ads or voice views only to add ads to the post. These post will be deleted without hesitation.

As I replied on a recent post about the automaker bailout, I don't support ads on my Website or blogs, nor do I support those who post just to get ads on my blogs. Your reply will be history, into the byte bucket with all the spam e-mail and junk mail I get and throw in the trash every day. If you want to promote your work or ads, fine, the Internet is a free place, just not in my own place.

It's my pole and my rules.

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