Monday, December 1, 2008


Let me see if I understand the basics about the Republican's view of things. First, when you succeed you want the government out of your way with little or nor regulation and oversight, and you want us to be consumers to give you our hard-earned money for products services, investments, banking, etc. As long as your profiting, don't bother you in any way because you can police yourself and hold yourself accountable.

And when things go bust, like now, you want government to write check for your losses, executive privilege and benefit packages, and infuse money into your companies, and you want us to be taxpayers to foot th bill with out hard-earned taxes and national debt. But you still don't want us to police you or hold you accountable to anyone, incluiding us who's money you have. You want your own in government making these decisions so we can't be represented fairly.

Is that the picture? We'll be writing over $1 Trillion in checks to you and you don't want us to attach caveats or stick our nose in your business. You want a handout you wouldn't give your grandmother if her house was being foreclosed. And all the while you don't want government to actually help the homeowner or taxapayer with this, or as you see it "your money", not ours. And you still want those really nice bonuses you didn't earn.

Ok, a little harsh, but in many ways not far from the truth and reality. Just read the newspapers about the bailout and all the companies lining up for their share of the $700 Billion and other monies from Uncle Sam, meaning us. Because not only do you want our tax money, you've pilfered out pension plans and our health insurance beneftis plans too. All for greed and profit, and those nice bonuses every year with the big buyout package when you bailout yourself.

Maybe you need to work in a homeless shelter for awhile to learn the value of money and people. And try as you will to reform yourself, you still don't get it, like we're the enemy until you down and out, and suddenly we're your best friend. Like we care? We're struggling to survive and you're struggling to keep being caught stealing from us.

In the end, I suspect the bailout is a good thing, financially, but I'll be darn to know what and where it's a good thing. I didn't like it then and I still don't like it. I don't get a handout if I fail with my life, new work and small business adventure, so why should you. I have to be fiscally smart and responsible, so you should too. It's not because the stakes are higher, mine are higher for me than you for yourself.

I'll be against the bailout even if it succeeds but I'm not holding my breath until 2010 and beyond to find out our country is back on track. And I certainly don't want to hear about the republican's idea of business and free market anymore. All you've shown is how corrupt and bad it can be and how far it can fall, all because of you, and you don't deserve the handout.

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