Monday, December 1, 2008

Lies and damn lies

The President himself said he wanted to and would make the transistion to the Obama presidency a "smooth transistion." Ok, but then why does the Bush administration lie and hide behind the President to implement a lot of underhanded rules and regulations, burrowing political appointees and failing to tell the transistion team the truth?

Because it's all a sham and shame. George said publically he wouldn't do what his administration is now doing. So did George lie or did he simply tell Cheney to do the dirty work so he wouldn't and couldn't be held accountable for lying? And why suddenly after 7-plus years they're imposing industry and business favorable rules and regulations in the EPA, OSHA and Interior Department, among other agencies?

It's not like they can hide this since everything has to be printed in the daily Federal Register to be legal and everyone, especially the opponents of the Bush administration and the Obama transistion team, is reading it every day too. The truth is simple. They want to make a mess it will take the Obama administration the better part of a year to correct, because to undo something takes longer than to do it.

It's the same administrative and public process but you have to draft the changes to undo it and then draft the new rules and regulations to do what you wanted to in the first place, and both need their own review process. They're simply confusing the issue and giving their industry and business friends a loophole for that time, and hopefully then can challenge the new changes in court.

All this does is show the reality of George Bush, the emperor who has long since been seen in public as in the old tale about having no clothes. He's politcically naked, and now publically embarassed by his own statement. And he's proving the old adage more than ever, "It's what I do, not what I say.", proving he's not only a liar but a cheat too. Cheating the American people as he slides out the door.

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