Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sorry Mr. Obama

Or should I say Mr. President-elect Obama? Sorry, that doesn't change the issue that simply putting the extremes in a room won't make them talk let alone agree. One or both will simply shut up, or worse, walk out of the room. Why? Because you don't get it. You don't get that people don't change some views of the world and people, including yourself.

You invited Reverend Warren to perform the invocation at the inaugural of your Presidency. While you concede his view on the LGBT community, people and issues, you emphasize his views on other issues, casting aside the trust and support you received during your campaign from the LGBT community. You simply threw them in the trash.

That's not an extreme view because you do believe in what Rev. Warren says about LGBT people. Or am I wrong? If so, then change your mind and cancel the Reverend's trip, or better yet, ask him to cancel. He won't and you won't. We know that because you like him more than you like the LGBT community. Even if you have appointed a lesbian to a position in your administration.

You selected her on her qualifications and not on her sexual orientation. So why not use that with your faith and choice of leader to do the invocation? Or do you find LGBT people and issues uncomfortable?

I don't agree with the notion that inviting Rev. Warren opens the door to a discussion about the whole range of issue Christians like to attack the other side and defend their side. You want dialog between groups who fundamentally don't like each other, and that's the issue, not the issue itself but the people.

The point that the right misses completely is that it isn't about "gay marriage" but equal rights to marriage and all that entails. It's simply a human value guarranteed in our Constitution, something you politely overlooked and the Christian conservatives deny. And that's what you should be addressing with your support and in your challenge to the Christian conservatives to understand.

They can't keep rewriting religious values or history to suit their means to sell an idea about what's good or evil, and then expound to no end about the evil with lies that apply to them than those they call evil. They're simply denying the facts, the truth and reality. And you stand there, not just applauding, but inviting one of them to do the invocation.

Sorry, Mr. Obama, what little support I had for you, and while I still agree with you on many issues, is gone. From now on I won't trust you beyond seeing you on the television just before I turn it off. Your words are just that, words, and not backed by your values about the American people, all of us, not those you want to value.

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