Friday, January 9, 2009

Ad for Senator

"Hi, I'm Roland Burris, the junior Senator from Illinois. Can I interest you in my campaign? We have starter packages to help me get elected in 2010. You see I don't have any real skills at being a Senator or really even a good record to stand and run on. I lost evey election I ran in. Instead my company contributed to the Govenor's campaign and I worked for his election campaign, and now I was appointed by an indicted and impeached Governor. I really need campaign funds for my election. I honestly fear both the Democrats and the Republicans in Illinois will try to beat me with better qualified and capable candidates. So I need money. Lots of money. And fast. So, call the number on the screen or visit our Website to contribute. We accept personal and corporate checks, all major credit cards and PayPal."

"And if you are a big contributor, my representative will give you me personal cellphone number to talk a deal. I certainly want to see the interests of America prosper, and I'm sure there is an earmark I can introduce to help your company. Of course all of this is off the record and won't be disclosed by me in any way to any Congressional ethics committee or with any FBI investigation into my financial affairs. You can trust me. I'm a US Senator. Who's more trustworthy than a Senator?"

Folks, relax, it's not real, "It's a joke son." - Foghorn Leghorn. Remember, it's called free speech.

Photo from Reuter's news story.

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