Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About Mr. Bush

I was reading a column in today's USA Today (1/27/09) by Ross Baker, political scientist at Rutgers University. He suggests we need to forgive former-President Bush (boy, do I like the term "former" now) instead of proceeding with any legal action against him, former Vice President Cheney, DOD secretary Rumsfeldt or anyone else in the Bush administration for war crimes or other crimes against the American people.

Mr. Baker suggest past president have had their fair share for possible or potential criminal offenses, but wasn't procecuted, except former President Nixon who resigned after being impeached by the Senate. But none of those presidents approached the illegalities Bush did during his presidency. They've been innumerably proven in the many books on the Iraq war, the NSA/CIA surveillence programs, the court cases on Gitmo and prisoners, the corporate-government to steal taxpayers' money, the introduction religion into political decisions and actions, the unreasonable classifcation of documents to hide information, decisions and action by this government, the abuse of power, and on and on.

The list of Bush's misdeeds is almost endles. He hasn't earned let alone deserve our forgiveness, and while I would love to forget him, we'll be paying for his incompetence for decades if not generations. He needs to understand the reality of what he has done to this country, this nation, the American people, America's credibility and reputation, and the United States of America as a whole.

He voilated our trust and made us less safe and secure, endangered every American here and abroad, and destroyed the value of American ethics and morality. More than all those presidents Mr. Baker cites combined. It's not justice to let him off with a, "Gee, George, good try but..." It's justice to make him see and answer to the American people. He was blind to us then and it's time we made him see.

Forget him? Maybe. Forgive him. Never.

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