Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Senator Reid

Dear Senator Reid,

As an American and taxpaying individual, I have the right to my view and to express it, to you with respect to your decision to allow Mr. Burris to be seated in the US Senate. You are, and I won't say sir, a coward. I won't add additional adjectives I would you love to add before the word coward, like those four letter words we like to use here in this country. But it doesn't change the issue that you reigned on your word and exhibited absolutely no backbone in the face of an indicted Governor.

Mr. Burris is a whining clown who hasn't ever won and can't win an election. He doesn't have the support of the voters of Illinois, nor the American people, but you decided to seat him against the will of both. That's not courage, nor it is character. It's simply cowardice in the face of media attention and political pressure.

I have always been a marginal Democrat going back over 40 years now but in the last few years under your leadership in the Senate I no longer believe you represent me or Americans, but simply your own self-interest for what I do not know because you have little if any character as a person and especially as a Senator. You flinched and bowed, and gave in to an indicted Governor playing political chicken with you.

You blinked. And lost. And lost my respect for good and my respect for Democrats in general. I will no longer support the Democratic party. I hate republicans worse and Libertarians only a little less. But now you're useless to the people of this country in my book. I am and will be for the years to come an Independent, and will not trust you or the Democrats ever again. Thanks to your cowardice.

So, to you and your fellow Democrats, you just lost a supporter and voter, and you can bet I will speak out whenever and wherever I can about this and other issues the Democrats take up and want the support of the American people and voters. Sorry, not me, and as much as I would like to use that famous phrase that people usen in response to something like this, I won't because I think you know it's understood.

So, "..."

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