Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Republicans

Would you please stop acting like babies and even worse assholes? You're being whiners now that you've lost control of Congress and the White House. All you seem to do is whine and be a road block. You refuse to be bipartisan, on the other side of the issue you long complained about Democrats when you controlled Congress.

Let's not forget you passed a $850 Billion bailout for banks and financial corporations and didn't blink and eye is wasn't a bad idea, all because then President Bush said it was good. You gave then Treasury Secretary Paulsen complete latitude to spend the money as he wanted without accountability and oversight.

And you didn't blink when Secretary Paulsen lied why he wanted the money and then ignored the rules you passed and used the money for other things. And you didn't whine when the companies took the money and ran, and never did what they promised. You gave the banks and financial companies a $850 Billion blank check.

You created this whole mess under President Bush and let Wall Street and the financial services companies get away with fraud and robbery. And you not only did not do anything about it, even ask questions, you promoted and benefitted by it. You got rich at our expense.

And now when the President has to cleanup and fix your mess, you're whining and saying you're not going to be bipartisan or vote for any of the Democrats bills. The $789 Billlion will go to states, people and companies for the real needs of this country, and you're whining about it? All the reasons you give are political rhetoric and not valid or have merit on their face except as noise.

Are you aware that when the stimulus and other programs work and the economy turns around, you'll be left holding the dufus award? You're making it very easy for any Democrat challenger in the 2010 elections to just point at your voting record against all those bills which help people keep and get jobs, keep their homes, pay for children's healthcare and educations, supported the middle class with tax cuts and credits, and help banks and the finanical companies get working, just to name a few things.

You'll be standing trying to explain exactly what you did to help and why you voted against all those bills and expressed disdain for all those programs. Whatever principles you say you're following, it surely isn't for people, you know the ones who elected you and the ones you now represent. It surely isn't for this country and nation, to rebuild it into a vibrant, strong economy again. It surely isn't for the security of the people and the nation against globalism of terrorism, human rights violations, and everything else that threatens us.

I don't know what your principles are, but they're going to be only yours sitting home having been seen as really dumb and stupid and the Democrat who beat you in 2010 will make that very clear. When we get this country turned around from your and President Bush's failures, we'll remind you what your contribution was, the word "No." And I'll be one making sure you don't try to claim what isn't yours.

So, you can either stop whining and bitching or you can swallow some pride and get on with the show of helping the people of this country. Your choice, be good or be an asshole as you're showing you want to be.

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