Saturday, February 14, 2009

Escaping blame

This seems to be the history of this country, people consistently, and sometimes frequently, escaping blame by either faining ignorance, mistruth, self-deception, and on and on. The list of excuses and reasons is endless, only limited by people imagination to believe they weren't to blame despite the reality.

We've seen this for the last 8 years under Bush and Cheney. Bush pleaded his belief that things were right and good, and Cheney simply was arrogant to people and ignorant of the facts, truth and reality. Both were self-deluded and dellusional about themselves. But the announcement of the American Peanut Co. announcing chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in the light of an obviously bad company operation and practice and the deaths and injuries is above belief.

The evidence is showing the senior leadership and management knew the company was making and marketing peanut products at a factory with know salmonella problems, for at least three years, and continued not only sell the tainted stuff but not fix the problems. And the reports of the factory conditions describe a totally unsanitary plant and working conditions. They knew it and let it happen.

So what happens now? I don't know but I hope the Justice Department prosecutes them for every crime possible and the judge overseeing the bankruptcy sets aside company assets to cover all the lawsuits they will face over the deaths and injuries. This is an outragous act to be profitable one minute and bankrupt the next simply because the truth was exposed.

This situation is not the worst food contamination incident, but it's one of the most obviously flagrant by company leaders who knowingly sold the product. And now seeking the protection of the courts and law to avoid criminal charges and civil lawsuits only show they are themselves contanimated with arrogance and indifference to people. The should be brought to justice and face the family of the victims.

This is a time and place government needs to set an example they work for the people. And the American people are waiting. We don't expect immediate answers but we do expect justice.

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