Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Here's a thought some people forget. Closing libraries because you think they spread bad ideas or wrong values won't close the hearts and minds of people, the people who love reading, love books and love libraries.

Burning books because you want to destroy the public face of something doesn't burn the memories of them in the hearts and minds of people who love reading, love books and love places where books can be found and borrowed or bought.

Banning books because you don't want other to know about them let alone read them doesn't change the interest of others to read them and take the words into their heart and mind, people who love reading, who love books and who love where books are found to be read.

A book is just what it is, a book. What matters is the content, and that can't be closed, burned or banned no matter how hard you try and even creates more interest to read the books, especially those burned and more so those banned.

It's about the content of the book that matters, not the book itself, or do you not know about Ray Bradbury's book, "Fahrenheit 451"? Maybe you should, except if you burned or banned it. But then just ask someone who reads, they'll loan you their copy.

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