Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do You Really Believe

Reading the story about Mitt Romney's speech before the Clinton Global Initiative, and while leaving a number of questions asked in the story, sounded very reasonable and decent for the Republican candidate for president.

But I have to ask, with Romney's demostrated and proven history of lying for convenience, meaning saying whatever an audience wants to hear and then either denying it if it contradicted any previous statement or expressed view on an issue or simply denying he even said it, can and do you really believe him now?

Do you believe what he said in the speech? He knew it was an important speech and he knew he had to appeal to the audience for the series of speeches, so why wouldn't he just say what they wanted to hear and he looks somewhat presidential?

Why would anyone really believe his words when he's lied more often than not in the past? Why would you believe anything he says?

His goal is to win the campaign at any cost, even his own credibility. He'll say anything to anyone if it convinces them to vote for him. He's lied about President Obama. He's lied about what President Obama has done?

He's lied to blame the President for everything from an inept Congress to a failing economy. He's lied about the truth to the President's record. And then he's lied when confronted with the evidence and information which contradicts his statements and when it shows he lied.

But the real question is if you believe him, it's do you trust him to be president?

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