Monday, September 24, 2012


Remember when Romney criticized the President for "punting issues down the field"? Remember, the Middle East, and the other issues? Well, it seems the he does it too, despite the fact he says he's the President, if elected of course, who'll decide and act.

Well, not so fast there Mr. Romney. Didn't you talk about your plan to save Medicate and Social Security? In the plan to "save" Medicare you propose a bunch of changes to lower cost for everyone, which we know won't, but hey it's your idea, you forgot to tell folks the changes won't start until 2023.

Yeah, the changes wouldn't start for 10 years, long after you'd be out of office if you were elected to two terms. You just not only punting the issue down the field, you kicked out of the stadium, over the parking lot and into the next decade.

And you think we should believe anything you say about solving problems? The government and its programs for American isn't a company you just bought for Bain Capital. It's our government, our programs. We hired you and uou work for us, remember?

Next time you criticize the President for punting issues down the field, rewind your memory first before you open your mouth, and at least don't do what you criticize the President for doing, but then why do we expect you won't punt the issue and talk anyway?

Because that's all you know what to do and all you have, lies.

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