Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Money & Congress

Looking at Congress these past years with the intensive lobbying efforts, fundraising work and outright buying representatives and now with the unlimited campaign donations and superpac's, there's one simple observation anyone with a modicum of common sense sees and knows, but members of Congress seems to deny or ignore.

Money hasn't met a politician it doesn't like.

It doesn't matter who's hand is holding the money, they'll still take it.

It doesn't matter how they want them to vote, they'll vote what they tell them.

It doesn't matter what they want them to say, they'll say it.

It doesn't matter which side of an issue they want them to stand, they'll stand there.

It doesn't matter about what the American people want, they'll defy public opinion.

It doesn't matter what their constituents want, they'll defy them too.

Nothing else matter, just what instructions come with the money. They'll shake the hand with the money and say, "Thank you.", and follow the instructions to the letter.

The only thing that matter to members of Congress anymore is money, it doesn't matter who or what the money represents, as once in their hands, it's who and what they represent, and not the American people.

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