Monday, September 24, 2012

The Real Republicans

We now know how the Republicans think about jobs, veterans and the economy. Like we didn't already? Yes, we did but now the proof is in the bill, or the bill that failed in the Senate. And that's the tale of the real Republicans.

Senator Patty Murray sponsored the Veteran Jobs Corps Act to provide up to $1 billion over the next five year without increasing the annual deficit or the national debt, meaning it was revenue neutral. The bill would provide jobs and training for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans after the leave the service.

And the bill had a majority support in the Senate, 58 yes and 40 no, but the bill didn't pass because some of the Senators who actually wrote some of the provisions in the bill decided to filibuster the bill and the majority leader in the Senate couldn't get the necessary 60 votes to override the filibuster.

So there's what the Republicans think of veterans and jobs, a big fat, fucking no. No way. Natta. A minority won the day because of the rules and the majority lost. The American people lost. Veterans lost. We lost.

And that's what the Republicans want, no jobs, no help for veterans and tank this economy to blame the  President. Sorry, Republicans, your vote is on this bill against the rest of us, along with your big fucking anti-Obama and anti-American sentiments and views.

Now we have a smoking gun for your arrogance and lies.

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