Thursday, May 21, 2009

Splineless and stupid

The Democrats in Congress have shown how splineless and stupid they are by approving the amendment to allow guns in National Parks (NPs) and National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) because the fear the gun lobby and the NRA. Yet, they'll sacrifice the public safety and security by allowing anyone to carry a loaded weapon in a NP and NWR, in plain view of everyone else. What and who's the threat, the innocent people visiting and enjoying the NP and NWR or the man with the gun?

This also means all the NP and NWR law enforcement rangers have to use more caution and concern when meeting people in the backcountry because they just have and maybe use a weapon. And they can't do anything because it's legal. They can only stop them when the use the weapon. Like they're going to stop someone firing a weapon?

And what about all the backcountry hikers? Will they worry about meeting others on the trail? Or what if they hear some using a weapon? It's illegal to discharge or use a weapon in a NP or NWR except under rare circumstances, so what's the need to carry one?

The truth is the need for anyone to carry a weapon in any of the country's NPs or NWRs has never been proven. And where there is a legitimate need for someone to carry one, like Alaska, there are already regulations defining the process and permit. You can if you can demonstrate a need as part of your work. But do we want anyone to carry a weapon because they want to?

And is everyone who legally carries a weapon into a NP or NWR a sane enough person to know when and where to display it and know it can't be used? Will they decide if someone or something pisses them off they can't resort to their weapon? And if someone starts displaying and pointing it, who will stop them?

The point is we don't need loaded weapons in NP's and NWR's. It sane to just keep them out, as was the case accepted by previous democratic and republican presidents, store and transport them unloaded and locked. But the Democrats didn't seem to think the American public and the foreign visitors deserve to be safe. They're more afraid of guns and the NRA than the average citizen.

They're not only splineless and stupid, they obviously don't have any balls either. And I'm not being discriminatory about which Democrats who voted for this amendment or signed into law. What happened to protecting the American people? Apparently the NRA runs the show here. All they do is point an imaginary gun at the Democrats and they ask, "How high do I jump and vote?"

Like we need these folks representing us? And when the someone is robbed at gunpoint or injured or dies from a gunshot in a NP or NWR from some who legally carried it into the NP or NWR, we'll know who to blame? Won't we Democrats? You allowed it, so accept the responsibility.

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