Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In hindsight it appears ethics and principles don't matter in the highest circles anymore, and those there can simply do what they want and ignore the obvious, even when it clearly makes them look look like unethical people only after power and money, and the public be damned.

Yesterday a federal judge released the wiretap record of the Illnois governor under investigation for abuse of power. In one the now Senator Burris offered to make a contribution, and promised to raise money for and help re-elect the governor in return for naming him the senator for now President Obama's seat. The very thing Burris said be didn't do, we now learn he did do. And the very thing the Senate suspected when they balked on accepting him but then blinked, was true.

Burris looks like what he truly is, a fraud and a liar, and the Senate now look they are, weak without any ethics or principles.

Another example. Sunday during the Monaco Formula One race Phillipe Massa consistently drove his Ferrari over the curbs on one corner. Lap after lap the TV showed he violated the rules and should have been penalized with a stop-and-go or drive-through penalty. But the race marshalls only warned the team, twice, during the race to stop. A third time they warned action would be taken.

But they never issued a third warning despite repeated demonstration to them Massa ignored the warnings. It would have dropped him 3-4 places in the standings. But they wanted Ferrari to win 3rd and 4th place in the race. It's just another example of the FIA and Formula One officials and marshall bending or even ignoring the rules for Ferrari. Just Frerrari.

The most favorite team is Ferrari, who is having a bad year, and Ferrari needs help getting points. It doesn't matter other teams are also not doing as well and some former underdog teams and one new team are doing better than Ferrari. They want Ferrari to win and in the face of obvious infractions or rule violations, they'll simply turn a blind eye.

And in both these cases, those in power seem blind to the public seeing and knowing the reality and truth. We see and know how corrupt their ethics and principles are now, just so you get what you want. Burriss wanted a Senate seat and the FIA wants Ferrari to be the only winner in Formula One.

And their etchics are simple, do anything to make that happened, damn the law and the public.

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