Saturday, May 16, 2009

Healthcare Reform

It's the buzz topic of the year, everyone, including the President, wants to bring our healthcare into the 21st century, like it's not already there. And it's now in the Stimulus package funding to convert medical records to electronic format in common standards easily exchanged across computer systems to enable doctor, hospitals, insurance companies and the government to share information about you.

Note, about you. You don't get anything from this, but the industry, insurance and companies and the government does get everything about you. They will know and share everything you did with the doctor, every hospital visit, every drug, every medical procedure, test and operation, about you. You give and share and they take and privatize.

That's what it's all about, control over information of people. You and me. And it's about money and profit. But not their money. Your and my money. Taxpayers' money. They want us to pay for something we don't need or want. It's that simple. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the savings are greatly exagerated to sell you the plan.

The article in this week's Washington posts describes the people and forces behind this are the industry, putting the right people in the right places and lobbying for the money, our money, to foot the bill they can use to make more money, profit, not for you or me, but them. It's a healthcare scam and sham at the highest levels.

You won't get better care, but better "managed" care, meaning they'll have instant information to make those decisions about your healthcare and medical needs. The won't let the doctor decide because they'll control what's approved and paid, and everything else is at your expense. All instantaneously through your electronic medical records shared with everyone.

And they won't guarrantee the information won't be secure and won't be stolen or computer system hacked. That's for government to ensure and pay for, again our money. They'll want the government to pay for the cyber security systems since it's our information. And the government will contract corporations to do that. And we'll write the checks.

And they won't guarrantee you won't be able to control the distribution or dissemination of your medical records. You'll lose the privacy over yourself, and the right to say who does or does not get to see your medical information. It will be shared through the corporate healthcare computer networks to whomever can pay. You will be lost among the many equally lost.

Overstating the case? Probably a little. Ok, more than a little. But the basic ideas are there. The forces behind this is corporations under the guise of government. For information, money and profit. And definitely not you and me, except our money.

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