Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Judicial Activism

Why do the republicans argue when a person with a more moderate, and especially liberal record, is nominated for a judgeship, especially for the Supreme Court, they called a judicial activist, but when the nominee is a consevative or strict interpreter of the Constitution, they're not called the same.

What don't they understand one extreme is the same as the other. An activist is an activist, it's irrelevant whether it's for the far right or the far left, or even the center. They're an activist for their views, positions, and decisions. Whether it's pro-choice or pro-life, pro-war or anti-war, and so on, it's still pro-something and an activist for that position.

The conservatives insists they're not activists but merely interpreting the Constitution and laws as they were written. How antiquated can you get or be? Do you really think the founders of this nation and writers of the Constitution expected everything to be interpreted as they thought? Are we still living like then?

This isn't 1776, it's 2009. The times are far different. The founders wrote a framework for this nation with the Constitution and Congress has written laws for 230 years now. The Supreme Court has been reviewing cases and issuing decision for the same period of time. The President, Congress and the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution to their benefit and view.

So any interpretation is an interpretation. And anyone making an interpretation is an activist for their view. It doesn't matter whether you're a democrat, a republican, a libertarian or any political party, you're all the same, being activists, the only difference are your views and agenda. But you're all still activists.

So to the conservatives, drop the stupid argument and label. It's inappropriate, and really outright wrong. You want activist judges for your views as much as the democrats want activists judge for their views. That's not different, only the politics are different. So lose the pretense and arrogance. It doesn't work.

Like my words will change anything? Not, but it will keep me writing how stupid it is to argue one side is activism but their side isn't. It only shows me how stupid republican keep being thinking they can fool the world but are only fooling themselves. And that's what makes it funny. Nothing is funnier than someone blind to their own stupidity and arrogance.

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