Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calling Mr Cheney

Your undisclosed location needs you. What don't you understand the Republican party doesn't want you, and especially doesn't want you speaking out. The American people don't want you, let alone want to hear you. And the world only would like to put you on trial for human rights and Geneva Convention violations.

You're the past, please go into it and shut up. You can't set the record straight, it's all there documented for everyone to see. You can't explain the past, it's there in the evidence of your actions. You can't hide, but that shouldn't be grounds for opening your mouth. And you can't sit there on talk and news shows putting trying to put spin and a face on illegal activities.

President Obama has to do what he thinks is right for this country and nation, and some of that involves continuing some of the Bush-era practices with detainees, but some of that involves making public what you kept secret. He has a right and a responsibility to the American people to show what you did. You can't undo what you did, but he can show what evil you were and still are.

There's a saying about being silent for opening your mouth only proves what other people thought. Maybe you should heed that advice and simply disappear into history. The American people have put you behind them and into history, showing up as a ghost only makes you look and sound worse. So, please go where you were the 8 years you were Vice President, but this time keep the door closed.

Or better, take a vacation, to Sri Lanka, or Somalia, or Venezula, anyplace they'll treat you as you should be treated. Otherwise, I'm one for having you put on trial for war crimes and human right violations. And then you'll really be in an undisclosed location where we could care less.

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