Monday, May 25, 2009

Comcast again

Update.--May 25th, the problem is still consistently there for the same channels since the original post, only working occasionally. Even over the Memorial holiday weekend the same channel were most "not available". I'm still waiting for 113 for the NASCAR race, delayed from Sunday. So, if someone can give me a reason it's the cable box, despite all the other channels working fine with some HD pixelating now and then, I'm listening.

This post was originally written April 26th.

They just never seem to make things good. Starting this weekend, the annual spring channel loss is happening, several local channels, both digital and high definition, and several expensive package channels, about a dozen in all, depending on the day and time. So now I wait for the late afternoon and hope the channels return, but often they don't for days.

And Comcast, as usual, doesn't say anything. Just no channels. Which? Well, 10/110, 11/111, 13/113, 505, 537, and others. All I get is the standard, "Please wait. The channel should come up shortly." Except it never does for hours or days. It's not enough call, because it's the same routine. "Please reset you box.", then "Please recycle the power to the box.", and then "We'll schedule a technician to replace the box."

The key is it's not the box. It's the signal through the system to the box. It's not getting here for whatever reason. And so I lose Saturday baseball, NASCAR races, and other events of note along with some independent channels. Sometimes it's last for a few weeks, but usually a few months.

That's life with Comcast. Typically less than stellar but at stellar costs to the customers. Ok, overblown, but a few simple things could easily help which they don't or won't do to help the customer. And Comcast knows they're like the only doctor in town for hundreds of miles. Bad as he is, choice isn't an option.

You pay the bill and hope things change or improve, but know they don't.

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I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with receiving all of your channels and the customer support that followed. Our team would be happy to get this resolved for you. If you'd like our assistance, please email our team at We're here if you need us.

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Melissa Mendoza
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