Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tax cuts

So, next week when I get my new tax cut in my monthly check, what will I do with the new, or really my, money? Well, despite all the noise from the economists and members of Congress to spend it, I will do one of two things, or both. I will save it or pay down my current debt. I will put the money into the financial and bank industry. I won't be spending it on foreign made products or even American made products. I have enough to fit my needs and interests for now.

The reason for saving and paying down debt is that I will be taking out a big loan for some personal interest later this year or next year. I want to go into that debt with no current debt. My new debt will take 5-7 years to pay off, so I don't want to compound debt on debt. So, since Congress and President Obama are being generous with my (taxpayer) money by returning it, I'll use it wisely thank you.

Or at least I'll try. After all as much as the President would like me to stimulate the economy, that's hard considering the realities we all live with every day now and for the near if not foreseeable future as we begin to rebuild our economy. Aside from that I can only tell the President if he wants more money, go after the corporations who have millions and some with billions of dollars of profit paid by us taxpayers, the ones who bought the goods and services and invested in our mortages and investments.

And as usual I'll keep you posted if things change or I change.

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