Friday, March 27, 2009


I was watching an ad on TV about the AARP. I joined when I turned 50, the year they lower the eligibility age from 55 to 50. I quit just under two years later because I saw what a sham and scam they really are. Harsh? Not in my view. They're not an organization which supports older people. They're a business that markets and sells to older people.

They lie through their dentures. I'm not arguing they do good, even for older people, like their lobby effort in Congress. But in the end, they're a business which sells and markets their own or their endorsed insurance and other products and services to older people. And that's the sham and scam.

When I joined I asked what participation members can provide in the organization. The reply I got to several suggestions and ideas was simple, they said, "We don't soliciit or receive suggestions from our members. We have member representatives who know what the members want." Simply put, they said go away old man, you're bothering us.

When I asked about submitting articles to their magazine, they replied, "We don't accept unsolicited manuscripts. We have staff writers or soliticit from writers we know. We know what our readers want in our magazine." Simply put, shut up and don't complain.

In the end I realized they only want my membership dues and my name and address to market their or their endorsed products and services. I'm a commodity to them, simply a checkbook to bleed and drain for profit. My hard earned income and now annuity for profit. But don't expect anything in return as a member except more ads.

I left and never looked back. They still occasionally send me promotional material and a temporary membership card, but I tear them up now. I treat them like I treat spammers.

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