Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's not forget

Before we begin to be critical with President Obama's economic stimulus plans, all the various flavors, and with this federal budget, let's not forget he, meaning we, inherited this mess from 8 years of the Bush incompetence and arrogance. Let's not forget that Bush's 2008 fix for the economy failed misearably and at least half of the $850 Billion can't be found or accounted for, just like billions lost in Iraq (in pallettes of cash too).

My point?

After listening to the Republicans' responses to Obama speeches and radio talks, It's simple. Let's not be critical until you have good or better ideas. I don't hear that from the Republicans. All I hear from them is whining about "It's not going to ..." And they've adoptd a Rush Limbaugh mentality. So where were they these last 8 years and last fall when they passed the then stimulus plan that failed? They proposed and passed it.

The Republicans endorsed President Bush and his policies. They passed all the bills he wanted. They passed more earmarks worth billions of dollars more in their 8 years of power than any administration and congressional sessions in history. They created more national debt, our debt, than any administration.

And they let the financial services sector drive this country into a recession and likely a depression. And then they handed the whole mess to the Democrats and President Obama when we decided we have had enough of this bullshit from you. And now all you can do is gripe and whine?

You know if the Republicans were at a tavern on a Friday night and talked like they're talking now, they'd be run out after being verbally pummelled. We simply don't want to hear it. You've run this country for eight years and into the ground, creating the global economic recession. And you haven't announced even one good ideas to get out of it.

You're just a bunch of hot air and noise. So, until you can actually propose some real ideas, trying shutting up. That's not a quesion or a request, but a notice. Just shut up.

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