Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Some off-hand comments on or about the news of late.

To Mr. Cheney. Please go back into the rabbit hole you're living in. You're not worth the $.02 anyone gives you for your opinion.

To AIG. You don't give failures bonuses, you fire them. Especially the subsidary company that caused your near-demise and required government bailout. And you don't give bonuses with taxpayer's money.

To the media. Dr. Kissinger isn't relevant anymore outside the historical perspective. He's in the camp with Cheney, let him stay in his rabbit hole.

To the FDA. If you can certify overseas reserch and production facilities for drug companiies to import those drugs at US prices, then American should be able to directly import those same drugs too.

To TSA. American citizens aren't the enemy, so stop treating us like we are.

To Chrysler. Since you're privately owned, go get your own bailout money.

To China, Free Tibet. It wasn't and still isn't your country.

To Amy Winehouse. Please stay in rehab. Not because you need it, which you do, but because we don't want to hear or see you in public.

To the Seattle P-I. You'll be missed. And the company owners are idiots.

To Marianne Faithful. Please stop singing. I didn't like your voice then and it's worse now.

To anyone. 300 million people live in poverty in Africa, the equivalent of the entire population of the US. Why?

To supporters of AIG. Smart and stupid aren't mutually exclusive. The financial service guys were very smart but horribly stupid.

To anyone. Why does everything in the world today have to relate to terrorism? It wasn't before 9/11 but now people automatically connect imaginary dots.

Just some thoughts in passing while reading the news the last few days. I'm sure I'll think of more this week as I read the papers again.

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