Saturday, March 28, 2009


I was listening to the Republicans talk about the President's 2010 Federal budget. And while the Democrats are entitled to and will make changes to it, it's likely the heart and money the President want will remain in tact, the Republicans can't seem to just be quiet and accept the deal the President Obama and the Democrats have the power now. They're simply whining.

They whine when they're in the losing position, and often worse, fillibuster, they're thge curmudgeons tool in Congress. It doesn't matter that they were in power from 1994 to 2006 and had 6 of President Bush's years in power, and there is no end to the stories about their spending, deficits corruption, earmarks, fraud, etc. during and after those years. And the Democrats have improved some of that, like earmarks, but politics and power is party independent, everyone does it.

Anyway, the radio message was about increasing the budget deficit under the $3.6 trillion 2010 budget. That was unacceptable to them. But all those deficits from cutting taxes during their years in power wasn't unacceptable? You took a surplus into an enormous deficit. You told us it was good for the economy and we'll "grow" out of any deficit. Except we didn't and the economy imploded and exploded.

And you were and are one of the primary sources and reasos for that, and the loss of people's savings, investments and jobs in this country. You sacrificed the people for your wealth and greed. And now you're complaining when President Obama has to spend money, our money, to fix what you broke? That's not only absurb, it's outragous, and you're absurb and outragous.

It's time you stood up and recognized you blew our money. And we're pissed at you and what you did. If you want to bitch about the Democrats, fine, we can bitch at and about you and your stupidity. That's your choice. You demand we were either with your or with the enemy, and we can do the same. You're either with us or against Americans and America.

Is that clear and understandable? You screwed this country and people, and now we're faced with the worst time since the Great Depression. And you're expecting us to listen to you and your whining? Do us a favor and either shut up or be constructive, not destructive. The American people have spoken with President Obama and the Democrats, so you can either help or be a dumb speed bump.

Ok, that's my speech to you. So I listened to you and now you should listen to us.

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