Thursday, March 26, 2009

Comcast's deception

Update.--After Comcast's promise not to call again, they did, but a different number. I decided to give them three strikes (calls) before I start dropping service package I rarely or don't use. You can see the list of calls. That's strike one.

I have been receiving calls from Comcast's "Toll Free Service", even after I have filed notices with them about not calling me. My telephone is registered with the Do Not Call registry, but that registry allows companies with whom you are or have been a customer to ignore your registration. Apparently Comcast has elected to annoy its customers with calls about their other services which we don't not want.

So, today, March 21, 2009, they called at 2:41 and were informed not to call me again. They agreed to put my number on their internal do not call registry. And the next time they call I will certrainly take a look at my cable (TV) service and likely at least reduce it or cancel it. They have pushed the limits of customer patience and tolerance to the point they're on the verge of losing one and creating a more vocal critic of them.

I have updated my Do Not Call log (see "Toll Free Service") and although Comcast is allowed to call me, you can see their persistence to be deceptive and dumb. I refrain from calling them what I really think, but for now, let's just say it wouldn't be positive, unless you consider bad tavern language after several pitchers positive.

In short, they're now on notice I'm not a happy or satisfied customer and on the verge of simply walking away from them, and would today except there's no competing cable service here, something I would love to see - satellite TV service costs the same an isn't as good (signal). They're a monoply and a very bad one at that. They're deceptive and the lie through their cable.

So, we'll see where and how this will go, but for now, Comcast is one asshole company and are pushing the limits of their customers.


ComcastCares1 said...

I can reach out to my contacts to assist in removing your number from our calling list.

If you are interested in my assistance, you may reply with the phone number or account in question.

I apologize for the trouble.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

WSR Photography said...

Mark, according to the guy I talked with the last entry listed on the do not call post my name will be flagged as do not call. I'm tracking this with my caller id so I'll know if that's true.

I still think it's deceptive for the caller not to identify themself as Comcast unless asked. If I haven't signed up for Comcast's phone or Internet service yet, why would I now based on a call from a marketer? You're wasting your time trying to convince me of something I'm not going to buy because I'm satisfied with my phone/cell and my Internet services and providers.

It's a simple as that. And right now, my pledge still stands, if you call I start dropping my cable TV packages, which I plan to review anyway. You cost too much in these economic times. But I also know satellite TV isn't better or cheaper, so you're the lesser of evils as they say.

Thanks for paying attention, but it doesn't change the issue.