Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Truth has been lost

I was watching a trailor of a new movie and one of the characters said these lines in response to someone proving an accusation to be false.

"I don't need proof. I don't want the truth. I have my certainty."

And his applies to this Presidential election, and more so, that so many voters are simply ignoring the facts, truth and reality and simply saying what they want to believe. They don't care what's right, except to say the other side, especially the media, is wrong in their statements about their candidate.

We've long known campaign staff spin the facts, truth and reality to make their candidate look better and the opposing candidate look worse. And ever since the 2000 election and Karl Rove's antics and obviously false accusations and atttacks against other republicans in the primary and the democrat in the election, I've seen this get worse.

And honest candidate can't get any traction anymore because no matter where the stand and what they say, they''ll be demonized and people will believe that instead of what the candidate said. We've lost truth and reality in our political system, thanks to campaign staffs and Mr. Rove.

And yes, I realize how cynical this is but the campaigns are full of half-truths, spun to appear wholly true, and often full of outright lies. If you don't believe that, listen to Ms. Palin's speechs and then read the many articles proving what she said wasn't the truth, not even close, but just spun to allow it barly enough credibility so they can continue to sell to voters.

We have bought the lies, and we have lost the truth.

It's that simple, and no one seems to want to spend the time to explain, let alone us to spend the time to understand, the complexity of issues and the realities of the solutions. There are no simple issues nor simple answers. Yet, we're buying the simple and reciting it as our truth.

How many people think Obama isn't qualified to be President? Yet, how many presidents have had the similar levels of experience? Really? Check out John Kennedy's experience. A first term senator elected President. Sound familar? Long time Governors of states with little if any international experience. Check out Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton's experience.

How many people cite Obama's Muslim connections if not his faith? Yet, there is no evidence of this, only tales spun by republicans campaign staff. There is nothing there, and they invented something from that nothing, that many people now believe as true, and they don't want to hear the facts, truth and reality disproving all of it. Obama was taught in Christian schools and has always been Christian.

He has been exposed to Islam, to understand the diversity of the world, and this should be applauded and not condemned for his acceptance and understanding of other religions. If we isolate ourselves from the world and we continue to believe the lies, we will lose as people, a country and a nation. And I'm saddened that the trend does not seem to be changing the direction of this decline into lies.

I also know that sometime down the road we'll wake up and realize we can't trust anything we hear during political campaigns, and what will we say then? And how will we determine who is the better candidate if we don't know what really is the truth and reality? Or will we simply continue to believe our certainty without the proof or truth it's even close to right?

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