Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just passing through

Ok, I'm still on vacation, meaning working on other projects, and posting some thoughts here seems a bit stretched since there's really nothing I can add to the public debate on the issues. But then, it is my opinion blog. And the thoughts?

First, the bailout. Nearly $400 Billion to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AIG, and now the subprime mortages from the ineptness and incompentence of the private sector. It's seems ironic that for the last 7-plus years the Bush Administration and cohorts and long advocated the good of the private sector, the market, and deregulation is the answer, and now we're seeing the folly of their view.

They screwed the American people. Nearly half of the entire Federal reserve (about $800 Billion) is being spent to buy and back the failure of the private sector. We now see the whole scheme was pyramid scheme and it's now collapsing quickly and dramatically. Greed run amuck. And now we, the American taxpayers, will bail out the greed.

Why? I know why, but I don't get it.

The Federal Government is now becoming the source where the private sector goes when they strip out their profit and leave the bankrupt leftovers the government will have to cleanup the mess. And it's not over. We still have two more securities companies which are failing and will need help. After that maybe some banks in trouble. And we have General Motors and other real companies, those who actually produce something than the appearance of money, are standing outside the office with a number.

How many people in the financial sector walked away with millions of dollars in personal profit and now how many of the American people are now fucked and on the hook for the stupidity of the financial sector? The ratio? The latter are an order of magnitude more and we're also paying the bills.

For all of Bush's hype about deregulation and the marketplace, he's shown he's the emperor with no clothes, and an idiot too.

Other news?

The US military invades Pakistan to fight Al Qaeda forces inside Pakistan. They've long used drones with missiles to attack the Al Qaeda camps but often hit innocent civilians in the process. And we know they've had spies and special operations forces inside Pakistan as observers, but recently they used troops and helicopter gunships.

Smart? Maybe from a military perspective to fight an enemy but not politically when it's another country, especially supposedly our ally. Is it really smart?

The campaign? Well, I'll listen and vote. Otherwise, it become too much to take. All the hype has become soundbites but mostly lies about themselves or against the other candidate. Their records are clear, and the evidence shows they're lying through the teeth. So, what's the deal?

I find McCain a fraud. I liked him in 2000 and wanted to see Bradley and McCain debate. I think Obama has the intelligence and skills to be President but lacks some experience. I think he can easily adapt and learn, and he will surround himself with excellent people. I think Palin is, and sorry to be so trite, a joke. She is lying about her record and is a hypocrite about her life and family.

I will watch the debates, maybe, but I'm really tired of the speeches saying nothing, the attack ads, the journalist reporting drivel, and the pundits being idiots. So why continue to watch and listen? To feel warm and fuzzy about your candidate as a celebrity? Well, as the saying goes, "Thanks, but no thanks."


Anyway, some random thoughts that invaded the synapses this last week, to which this was reaction.

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