Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Palin windup doll

After reading the news during and after the Republican Convention and McCain's pick for Vice President of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, it's become clear to me she is nothing more than a windup doll, programmed with preloaded speeches, which are totally a bunch of soundbites of untruths, since we can outright call them lies which they are. You just wind her up, put her on stage and let her prerecorded message spew out.

She looks pretty and young girls will admire her for her fashion sense, except she has a paid staff of professionals just like celebrities. Mothers will like her because she appears strong, aggressive, assertive, and so on, except she has a husband and staff to do all her work while she takes the credit. Women will like because she challenges the status quo, except she did in Alaska only to put her only friends in positions, showing she can be just as politically corrupt.

She didn't cut spending in Wasilla, but increased every year in office. She didn't lower taxes, Alaska has no income or sale tax, and she increased taxes on oil, which we pay now in the price of gas. She's never had to balance a deficit budget, Alaska give money back to residents - she increased it this year from $500 to $1,200 this year too. She didn't challenge the oil companies, she demanded they pump more oil to increase state revenues.

She put unqualified friends in high position in state government. She collected per diem for over 300 days at home. She didn't sell the state jet on Ebay, it didn't sell and was sold to a private company. She didn't say no to the bridge to nowhere, she lobbyied for it and then cancelled it after getting the money, our money, for it, for other road projects, including a highway to the bridge to nowhere that isn't there.

She preaches abstinence but then has a 17-year old pregnant daughter. Wow, that's practicing what you preach to your children. She preaches creationism as science that the courts have rejected in every case as science. She claims her international experience is seeing Russia from Alaska, but has she ever done that? She wants to increase drilling in federal lands including ANWR, but the biggest landowner in Alaska is the State and she hasn't increase drilling there.

And she talks pretty, except none of it is true. She is a doll who can make you look foolish for believing her in the face of the truth. All you have to do is read the news stories about her statements. Her statements and claims are all lies, simple, straight-forward lies. But they sure sound good coming from a windup doll. And it's clear the Republican National Committee (RNC) is frequently recording new messages to fit the situation.

But none of all of this rhetoric coming from Ms. Palin, on her own and from the RNC, doesn't qualify her to be Vice President. The former mayor of a town (8,000) and the current Governor of the largest but one of the smallest states (47th population) for less than 2 years isn't enough in anyone's book for a national position of such importance, except to market votes, to sell herself as a doll with a voice and hide the reality of her history and experience.

If you want a windup doll, go to Toys-R-US, don't look for one in a VP. Expect a person with real experience. Someone who is really qualified to be Vice President.

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