Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Bailout

I'm not an ecomonist or a Wall Street, or even main street, financial advisor, but after listening to and reading news stories with experts across the board, er, market. I'm convinced the Bush sponsored, Secretary Paulsen developed bill to bailout the financial market is bogus. It is, what folks seem to think, a check to the big, and maybe more, later medium, financial companies, to assume their toxic securities debts and subprime mortage packages.

It's amounts to $2,000 provided by every citizen in this country, or really $6-7,000 per household, taken from their taxes, or more, the national debt, but still paid by the taxpayers to let these failed finanical brokers off the hook for the ineptness and incompetence to drive our economy into the toliet. That's not fair or right, especially when a significant portion of those monies will go to international corporations and some governments, including China.

Congress and the Bush Administration with Secretary Paulsen are playing chicken with our money and I don't want to cooperate with my money. I don't want the government, in my name and with my money, assuming billions of bad debt, much of which isn't real debt like a mortages, but unsupported securities, brokers repackaging securities as insurance against the bad mortages.

And the companies walk away, whistling a new tune with the debt off their books and on the taxpayers. They're free to start all over again, with no assurances they won't do this again and we'll be on the hook in the near future again. Bush got us here and he should be held accountable for his ineptness and incompetnce as President, not unlike the Iraq war.

Between this and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American people, and really the future generations, are on the hook for $1.5 Trillion, with a national debt of nearly $11 Trillion. That's double since Bush took office.

It's time the American people push Congress to say no. No bailout, and let the market solve itself. We know Secretary Paulsen came from Wall Street and he'll go back there after handing his friends their dream, freedom from debt. We'd all like that, but we all now we only can with our hard earned money. He should too, and Wall Street should too.

So, to my elected representatives, my vote is for NO period.

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