Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taking a vaction

Folks, I know I haven't written about the news in nearly three weeks and there is a stack of news article on the desk to research, ponder some thoughts and write my view. But I've decided my brain is full of the world and events and is tired of trying to compose some interesting perspective or view of the news.

In short I have more important things to do for awhile. I spent some time in Mt. Rainer National Park over the weekend and want to get some time in before the place stays cold and snow begins to stick in bunches. And I want to focus on some photo projects for my Mt. Rainier NP photo guide which are sitting on the deck, awaiting more research, and negotiating access to archive material.

I'll still read the newspaper 4+ days a week and listen to the news on NPR and PRI, but I probably won't write as frequently as I have done to date. And yes, there is a lot to write about with wars, presidential elections, and an inept, excuse me lameduck, President, but there are others who will easily espouse their view, albeit skewed as they all are - even mine - of the world and events. You don't need another voice in the global choir for awhile.

I will still be posting to my personal blog and Mt. Rainier blog, just not here except the occasional rant or vent. So, like the Marmot (above) at the 5,500 foot level on Mt. Rainier, go out on a nice day, find a warm rock, fill up on snacks, and just relax. The winter of our discontent will soon follow.

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