Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sorry Gun Activists, No

Sorry all you gun activists, you can't dismiss this shooting like the others this year, last year and in 2010  with the Tucson shooting by saying it was done by a "deranged" shooter, or mentally abnormal young man.

I don't care what or who the young man was to commit this horrible crime, he wouldn't have committed it without the guns his mother bought and kept in the house, including the assault rifle he used to kill all the people from his mother at home to the rest at the school.

There are a lot of people who have mild to moderate mental conditions who aren't dangerous, and this young man was not considered dangerous until he committed the act. You can't blame mental health on this shooting. To put it simply.

Without a gun, he doesn't shoot and kill anyone.

People, normal or not, can not shoot and kill people without guns. That's the simple fact and reality. And all the talk of mental conditions doesn't change the deaths of those children and the adults. A gun in the hands of a person did that.

So, any talk about the mental health or condition of the young man, while relevant to the state of his mind, is irrelevant to his actions of killing people. A gun did that. And that can't be denied or spun.

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