Monday, December 10, 2012

Expressing a view

Listening to the news about the right to work bill that was passed by the Michigan legislature today, it makes me wonder if the extreme left should take a page from the extreme right view on expressing their view on being angry with politicians.

Really? Yes, really? And what, pray tell is that? Simple. They should express their view with their Second Amendment rights with those they disagree with about any particular bill or law. Yes, what's good for wingnuts is good for progressives.

So, maybe? Remember not just Republicans own guns and know how to use them. The difference is simply what or who is at the other end of the scope they're looking through. But yes, it's not smart and it's definitely illegal to actually do anything this way.

It's not our democracy, but neither were the republicans and the govenor who shot the workers' rights in Michigan. It only seems right now to fight against this, preferably through legal means if not political means, but the wingnuts don't seem to think extreme measures are inappropriate.

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