Friday, December 7, 2012

False Argument

People who argue there is both good and bad "fracking", the process to release natural gas deep in Shale deposits, forget to admit the flaw in their argument, all fracking is bad.

There is no "good" fracking as the chemicals they use are toxic to the enviroment and human health, the process causes geologic problems in the shale formations, such as spontaneous and frequent minor earthquakes, and the process to seal the wells from aquifers isn't guarranteed or permanent.

In short, any fracking is bad, and arguing there is good fracking only means it's good for the short period of the drilling and removal of the natual gas, but not for decades during and thereafter. And there's no assurances the chemical and gas won't leak into domestic aquifers as has already been proven.

So when someone, usually from the energy industry or someone getting checks from the energy industry talks about "good" fracking, stop listening after the word good, because there is no "good" in fracking except the profits by the energy companies and dividends to shareholders.

And if that's good, well, I have some property you can drill on, like your backyard. Ask them if it's so good, would they put a fracking operation in their backyard, or their childrens' backyard?

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